Check out some of our latest unboxings and reviews from the MUVEZ community


Unboxing with NBA Detroit Pistons Langston Galloway

Langston Galloway has made a name for himself in the NBA for his scoring ability and lock down D. He's making a name for himself off the court as a world renowned sneaker enthusiast. The Detroit Pistons Guard takes a look at our slippers and lets us know what he thinks.

Unboxing with @TomFinds

Tom Finds is one of the worlds best product reviewers. He has made this the focal point of his brand, reviewing hundreds of products every year. He seeks out the coolest and most innovative products on the market and he gives his opinion on ours in this video

Unboxing with the @SneakerReporter

Travis Singelton is the SNEAKER REPORTER. He's the guy the real sneaker heads go to see for the latest and greatest on their favorite shoes. He has elevated his blog to becoming a brand thats known throughout the sneaker community. He does his first ever slipper review here in this video.