The team takes on the tank

who is muvez?

Muvez LLC, is an innovative slipper brand dedicated to re-imagining the future of indoor slippers. Our journey was mirrored with obstacles, sacrifice and opposition but each challenge provided us an opportunity to rise to the occasion and explore creative solutions. Throughout any journey of discovery, available resources will oftentimes be scarce but remember to remind yourself of the reason why you started to help you overcome.

the man who believed

Patrick J. Mc Gowan a world-class entrepreneur and first generation Irish American grew his construction company Mc Gowan Builders, into one of New York City's most notable commercial construction firms. He recognized our passion and commitment to the project and led funding in our Angel Round.

our fairy god uncle

"Uncle" Lou Carrega is an industry shoe dog and role model. With his mentorship we developed our first market-ready-sample and had the pleasure of working alongside elite engineers. While he is no longer with us physically, his spirit lives within every step.

the journey



To create and develop the most purposeful and practical indoor slipper ever made



We relied on international expertise to provide world-class research, development and engineering



"Uncle" Lou Carrega, spearheaded our manufacturing and material research. And we are forever grateful for his contributions and mentorship

see what some of our favorite customers think


Detroit Pistons' Langston Galloway unboxes and reviews his pair of Vanta Black MUVEZ. Aside from playing in the NBA Langston also launched his own "LG9" signature shoe with the brand Q4 Sports. And he recently teamed up with Sneaker Artist Andrew Lewis.



Christopher “Drama” Pfaff is an entrepreneur, producer and reality TV star. He is most recently known for building his brand "YOUNG & RECKLESS" into an apparel empire. He takes the time out to give us his testimonial.

"They have been great! Been rockin them around the house!!!"


Tom Finds is one of the worlds best product reviewers. He has made this the focal point of his brand, reviewing hundreds of products every year. He seeks out the coolest and most innovative products on the market and he gives his opinion


Jesse Jones is "Filayyyy" and his comedic sports commentary has turned his brand into a movement. The movement represents being true to yourself, refusing to compromise your values and pursuing your goals and ambitions. The movement also focuses on supporting the youth’s positive decision making and empowering the community. We teamed up with FILAYYYY to help him with that by running a series of giveaways for his community.



Salvador Amezcua is KICKSTRADOMIS. He has built a flourishing business as a professional shoe customizer. He gives us his feed back with this epic shot of him in the MUVEZ


Constantly on the lookout for upcoming brands to support with his network and fashion insight, Chris was one of the first people to come across MUVEZ and he instantly validated the concept.

“People in NYC are always working so hard, so they need to be comfortable.”

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