Thrifted Rich X MUVEZ


Whether its shoes and new fashion tech, or the excitement and feeling of nostalgia a rare vintage piece can bring someone. Fashion has become more about bringing the customer an experience. Vintage shopping and fashion has benefited now more than ever with the market set to double in the next 5 years to $51 Billion. Thrifted Rich is a hand-picked vintage curated collection that is changing the way people thrift. As fashion comes full cycle Thrifting as we know it today has become a more popular topic. Although demand has risen access has not. In fact part of the experience has become the hunt for a quality Thrift Shop and the forearm workouts as you swim through racks and racks of clothing and rare pieces.  

Unfortunately not everyone has the time to enjoy thrifting that way, therefore Thrifted RIch offers its customers an alternative. A virtual shopping experience and full access to their collection of hand-picked pieces from anywhere in the US. Showcasing their collection on social media while still shining light and telling each pieces’ story.

“Our mission is to provide the thrifting experience without limits.”

— Co-Founders of Thrifted Rich


With Nationwide shipping now anyone can get a taste of the Brooklyn thrift shopping experience and access to the rarest of collections.

There is no doubt they are on the right path to do so. The MUVEZ Creative team and Thrifted Rich were able to collaborate for a one of a kind photoshoot. A fusion of two generations, the future of footwear and the most classic of pieces and apparel.  

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