the first responder edition

the first responder edition

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December 7, 2020 – You’ve seen it all over television, as email headers, you may even have caught yourself saying it to a loved one - we live in uncertain times. Although the way we interact has changed, the service our first responders provide has remained the same. To honor our men and women in blue, today we’re taking 50% off our Hero Blue MUVEZ.

Back in August we visited The Hackensack University Medical Center to meet our heroes. We were moved by their resilience towards today’s trying times and energized by their willingness to show up for their community. For this reason, the Hero Blue MUVEZ represent their vigilance, perseverance and call to action.

There are 300,000 cases - and rising - of the novel coronavirus in New Jersey alone. Show your support for all responders by either purchasing a pair for yourself or gifting a pair to that special first responder in your life at

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