Slippers on the Runway

Slippers on the Runway

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new york fashion week

" It was great to see and experience. Our Slippers were on the Runway and not one person even bat an eye. They are now Stylish enough for the Runways of NYFW but still and always comfy enough for your living rooms. "

- MUVEZ Co-Founders

by Art Hearts

The one thing both the designers and audience can agree on, is that Fashion Shows are much more than what the modern day definition tells us. There are 100s of moving parts that make these amazing productions come to life. Being a part of the Art Hearts Production we were able to experience it all. From the Army of 100+ hair stylists and make up artists to the technical side behind the scenes. Every detail executed to perfection.
New York City itself is a showcase for personal fashion. But when it comes to a fashion show everyone brings their best which is part of the experience. For the audience the whole show is an experience from the front door to the last goodbye and photo, it should be captivating, memorable, and engaging. For the designers it is a time where they can express their true art, and bring out the very best of their collections.

There is an art form to envoking emotion and engagement from a show with no words. In fashion shows there is no real audience-to-model interaction, in fact models often only focus on the cameras. Laser focused, because that walk is what they have worked, practiced, and prepared for. About 30 seconds of runway to add their own style to the show through their movement and body language. Every step is an opportunity for an editorial feature.

With that being said, it is a designers job to bring the energy and emotion through their designs. From the order of looks, to the models they choose every detail down to a calculated science. Fashion week is about setting the trends, pushing the envelope and taking risks. Colors, textures, and fabrics all add special elements to each piece. It is the ultimate stage to let your creativity run wild and in most cases the more out of the box the more memorable. The instant reaction or instant reach for the Iphone is the first sign of a good job done by the designers.

As the MUVEZ Slippers walked up and down the runway, they fit right in, not one person even bat an eye. The Vanta Black MUVEZ have passed the test of the NYFW Runways. We had the privilege to style model Tommy Maksanty for 4 of the main designers for the weekend. Four different shows, multiple looks, and the MUVEZ just fit right in every time.

Being part of this years productions was an amazing experience. It is a milestone and special moment for the brand and we look forward to many more Fashion Weeks.

The Designers

Throughout the weekend we were able to speak to some of the designers about advice for the future...

"We've been working on these moments for 28 years, do not EVER give up"

— Charles from CHARLES & RON

We want to give a big thank you and appreciation to the brands who styled their models with us this 2020 NYFW Season. Mister Triple X, Charles & Ron, Alexandra Popescu New York, and Merlin Castell, It was an honor to be a part of such creative and impactful shows. The MUVEZ 3:AM's have been brought to many places, different countries, different roads, but this was the first time, they were walked down a Fashion Runway.  

Thank You

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