First Responders Giveaway

First Responders Giveaway

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HACKENSACK, NJ — On Friday, August 27, we were humbled to be given the opportunity to donate a portion of our exclusive edition of Hero Blue’s to the last remaining COVID unit of doctors and nurses at Hackensack University Medical Center—located in Hackensack, NJ—who we affectionately call our heroes.

“We are truly fortunate to be in a position to donate. And this initiative is a token of our appreciation for the first responders who are committed to protecting our communities,” says Eric & Ryan Cruz, Co-founders of Muvez.

First responders are on their feet, moving from unit to unit in order to care for their patients and give them the treatment they need to survive. This is a thankless job; we cannot thank them enough for their service to the Hackensack community.

The Hackensack University Medical Center is the impetus to innovation, something we strive to achieve. The nurses and doctors placed in these positions have the opportunity to elevate clinical research, providing a holistic approach to medicine and care.

A standout takeaway from our experience with the medical team is their desire to do good, their commitment to health, people, and community, and their dedication to the job. Teamwork was personified through their stories of aiding one another in shift changes and coverages; the nurses are working double overtime to make sure you get the care you need.

The story does not end here—we want to meet your heroes. To help us with this initiative, nominate a hospital near you by emailing We’ll be in touch!

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